About the survey

The National Cancer Patient Experience survey allows cancer patients to give feedback on the care they have received. This feedback is used to understand where care is working well and how NHS cancer services across England can be improved. Results from the survey are used by providers to improve the experience of cancer patients at a national, regional, and local level. The survey is run by Picker on behalf of NHS England.

Why this survey matters

Capturing the patient voice

Feedback from patients can shape cancer services to better meet people’s needs and preferences.

Monitoring progress

Results can be used to assess progress against local, regional, and national priorities.

Improving quality of care

Cancer services can use the results to make improvements based on what really matters to people.

Case Study: National Cancer Patient Experience Survey – Improving Support for Black Men with Prostate Cancer

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey aims to understand people’s experiences of cancer care across England. Cancer services use the survey results to make improvements based on what really matters to people.

One in eight men will get prostate cancer, but it’s even more common in black men, with one in four getting the disease. Informed by results from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, The Brother to Brother, Man to Man group was set up by Guy’s Cancer and the South East London Cancer Alliance (SELCA), to improve support for black men with prostate cancer. In this video, we hear from Evan, Colin and Vernon about their experiences and the importance of participating in surveys to help shape cancer services.

I’ve been invited to take part in the survey

2022 National Quantitative Report

Take a look at a summary of the national results from the 2022 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey.