Data tables

Data Revision Requirement:


This notification is to advise that whilst undertaking the 2017 NCPES report preparation work, an error has been identified with the 2016 case mix adjusted data published for Question 59 “Overall, how would you rate your care?”.  This affects the Trust level reports for 40 Trusts and also the data published for this question in the Trust Data Tables.  We can confirm that this issue is isolated to this particular question and does not affect any other data in the published reports.


We are committed to correcting this issue as soon as possible and are working towards a date of Friday 28 September 2018 to publish the revised reports. Whilst these corrections are being made, we are required, under the official statistics publication rules to remove the affected reports.   All affected Trusts have been contacted directly to notify them of this issue.


If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact 01246 856263.


Notification published September 2018


spreadsheet CCG data tables ( xlsx, 9.67 MB )